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DeepSea Power & Light

DeepSea Power & Light is a privately held design and manufacturing company serving the subsea industry. Their philosophy is to continually advance technology for use in the harshest environments. They develop and build their products with the customer in mind. Ease of service, reliability, high performance, and cost effectiveness are important design criteria. They value innovation, collaboration, and the shared success of their employees, customers, suppliers, representatives, and partners.



DeepSea Power & Light have built their reputation in some of the world’s most punishing environments: exploring the Marianas Trench, grueling offshore oil exploration applications, and bringing power and light to the Titanic wreckage.

Their products have been and are used around the globe by the Titanic Expeditions, Bismark Expedition group, National Geographic Society, WHOI, Lockheed, Oceaneering, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and on deep diving submersibles such as Alvin, Sea Cliff, Jason, Turtle, NautileMirs I & II, Kaiko, and the Shinkai 6500, and to photograph and produce documentaries of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Lusitania, Iron Bottom Sound, and the Galapagos Islands. Their greatest exposure to date was the award-winning James Cameron film Titanic where millions of movie goers saw their lights and the illumination they provide.



Subsea Technologies is proud to offer the full range of DeepSea Power & Light products in the Gulf of Mexico.








Apex™ SeaCam®

HD Multi SeaCam®

HD Zoom SeaCam®

LED Micro SeaCam®

LED Multi SeaCam®

Low-Light SeaCam® 3085

Multi SeaCam®

Nano SeaCam®

Super Wide-i SeaCam®

Wide-i SeaCam®

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LED Lights

LED Matrix®-3 SeaLite®

LED Matrix®-3R SeaLite®

LED SeaLite®

Multiray™ LED SeaLite®

SeaLite® Lumos™

SeaLite® Lumos™ Remote

SeaLite® Sphere 150 Series

SeaLite® Sphere 200 Series


Incandescent Lights

Multi SeaLite®


Relief Valves

SeaVent™ Relief Valves



SeaBattery™ Power Module



SeaLaser® 100

Micro SeaLaser®




SeaSense™ Protocol