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Subsea Technologies is proud to offer innovative products from the following industry leading manufacturers: 



Easytrak USBL acoustic tracking systems

Multi-system compatible acoustic beacons

Acoustic release transponders

Sub-bottom profiling products 




Oceanographic instruments

CTD and Sound Velocity profilers

Environmental monitoring

Biofouling control



SonarWiz - acquisition & processing software



iVP hydraulic valve packs and control systems

Pressure compensators

Diver monitor systems & instrumentation

Through-water diver communication systems



Ruggedized field computers





GNSS and DGPS integrated positioning receivers

Vector DGPS heading receivers

Differential beacon receivers

OEM/GPS components



 Ruggedized field computers




High-resolution sidescan sonar systems



Submersible GPS receivers



Scanning sonars for imaging & profiling

Parametric sub-bottom profilers

Multibeam imaging sonars

Sidescan sonar systems

Echo sounder altimeters

Heading & motion sensors

Hydraulic dredging & jetting pumps

Video cameras & lighting