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Based in Great Yarmouth on the East Coast of England, Applied Acoustic Engineering is an award winning designer and manufacturer of subsea navigation and positioning products and marine geophysical survey equipment. For over 25 years, Applied Acoustics have been at the forefront of underwater acoustic technology.


Product Summary

An extensive product range includes the innovative USBL acoustic tracking system, Easytrak, a variety of positioning and release beacons, and a range of high-energy power supplies and sound sources used for offshore geotechnical and seabed survey.

Applied Acoustics has been a leading supplier of multi-system compatible acoustic positioning beacons for many years.  These beacons are used in applications ranging from shallow water diver tracking to deep water offshore construction support.




Building on experience gained with their successful beacon product line, and with a growing reputation for supplying reliable products at competitive prices, Applied Acoustics launched their first Easytrak USBL acoustic positioning system in 2006 and have since shipped over 400 systems worldwide.  These systems range from the compact and entry-level Easytrak Alpha and Alpha Portable (pictured below), to the full-featured rack-mount Easytrak Nexus, which features the latest in Spread Spectrum Technology.




The CSP range of HV power supplies have become the industry standard for use with high-resolution geophysical sound sources. These sources range in energy from 50-350 Joule boomer systems for surveying in coastal water depths, to large sparker arrays of up to 12 kJoules for geophysical investigations in deep water.




The range of sound sources manufactured by Applied Acoustics includes the versatile S-Boom which can be used for a wide variety of seabed survey applications. 



Product Information

Easytrak USBL Systems

Easytrak Overview Page

Easytrak Alpha 2665 & Alpha Portable 2655

Easytrak Lite 2661

Easytrak Nexus Model 2690

Easytrak Nexus 2 Model 2692

Easytrak Nexus Lite Model 2695


Positioning Beacons

Beacon Overview Page

Micro Beacons

1000 Series Mini Beacons

1100 Series Mini Beacons

Midi Beacons

Fatboy Beacons

Low Frequency Beacons

Seabed Beacons

V-Nav Acoustic Positioning System

Beacon Testers & Chargers


Release Beacons

500 Series Release Beacons

1500 Series Release Beacons

Ranger/Command 3510 PAM Portable


Sub-bottom Profiling

Sub-bottom Overview Page

Energy Sources - CSP Units

Sound Source - Boomers

Sound Source - Sparkers

Deep Tow Sparker DTS-500

S-Boom System

High Voltage Cables



Equipment Rentals

Subsea Technologies also offers Applied Acoustics products for short or long-term rentals. Click here for more information.