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The SeaLaser 100 features a 2,000 m depth rating, <5mW Class III-A semiconductor laser diode, Delrin® housing, and multiple connector options. Uses include underwater aiming, scaling, and alignment. This subsea laser has a long life, compact size, and wide input voltage.

A mounting bracket is available to fit two lasers and a SeaCam. The two lasers are 10 cm apart and use either dots or lines to add scale to video or photographic images.




Key Features

The SeaLaser 100 features:

  • - <5 mW red or green laser, dot or line
  • - Delrin® housing
  • - 2,000 m depth rated
  • - Dual mounting bracket available:
    • * Creates and maintains parallel beams
    • * Excellent for scaling and measurement
    • * Accommodates all SeaCam® cameras



Data Sheet

Data Sheet - Dual Mount


Product Drawings



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