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DeepSea Power & Light designed their SeaVent pressure relief valves (PRVs) to meet critical subsea specifications for a variety of applications. Models are available with adjustable cracking pressure, a selection of materials, and an 11,000 m depth rating. A 6,000 m depth rating is standard. 

The SeaVent Double Dual Seal (DDS) uses dual O-rings for redundant protection against leaks. Hexagonal sides at the base of the DDS allow for easy installation with a standard wrench. The DDS is offered in either PEEK or titanium with a cracking pressure of 5 psi. A vacuum and fill attachment is available.

The Single Dual Seal (SDS) has an adjustable cracking pressure range of 5-15 and 15-25 psi. Materials include aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium. A vacuum attachment is available.

The Single Seal SAE (SSS) is available in 316 stainless steel. The SSS has an adjustable cracking pressure range of 5-15 and 15-25 psi.

The Single Seal Face (SSF) is our original PRV model still used in the field for its economical and efficient design. The cracking pressure range is 5-15 psi.

Key Features

SeaVent Relief Valve features:

  • - Multiple material options
  • - Adjustable cracking pressure
  • - 6,000 m or 11,000 m depth rated
  • - Vacuum and fill attachments available



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