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ROV / Diver Tracking

Subsea Technologies supply Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) Acoustic Positioning Systems for all underwater positioning applications. Whether you're tracking an inspection ROV or diver from a small boat, or positioning a work-class ROV from a large offshore vessel, we have the equipment to meet your needs. 

All USBL systems use a single, multi-element transducer deployed over the side of the surface vessel to determine the range, bearing and depth to an acoustic beacon attached to the subsea target. The required position accuracy and maximum operating depth of the subsea target will generally determine the system configuration required.

Since these systems measure a relative range and bearing to the subsea target, they will typically be interfaced with a surface positioning system and vessel compass to determine the real-world position of the tracked target. Subsea Technologies can also supply a GPS/GNSS position or position & heading receiver to complete the system.

A wide range of acoustic beacons are also available to work with existing USBL systems. 


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