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Subsea Technologies is the official U.S. Marine Distributor for Hemisphere GNSS and offers sales, service and support of their full product line. The Hemisphere GNSS products can be divided into two main groups, position only units and units that provide both position and heading.

The position accuracy required for a particular vessel installation will determine the model of receiver and any correction service required to increase the stand-alone GPS/GNSS accuracy to the required level of precision.


Correction Sources

Atlas is the most flexible service on the market, delivering its correction signals via L-Band satellites or over the Internet at accuracies ranging from meter to sub-decimeter levels. With approximately 200 reference stations worldwide and L-Band satellites distributing coverage from 75°N to 75°S, all of the earth’s landmass is covered.


Position & Heading Receivers 

The Vector VS330 utilizes all of the innovations in Hemisphere GNSS’ Eclipse Vector technology. Our optimized Eclipse Vector technology brings a series of new features to the Vector VS330 including heave, pitch, and roll output, and more robust heading and positioning performance.

The Vector VS330 receiver, with its display and user interface, can be conveniently installed near the operator. The two antennas are mounted separately and with a user-determined separation to meet the desired heading accuracy. The Vector VS330 uses L-Band DGNSS and SBAS for differential GNSS positioning. Our MFA DGNSS patented technology allows the VS330 to smoothly transition between DGNSS systems


Available Products

V104 GPS Compass

V102 GPS Compass

V103 and V113 GNSS Compasses

V320 GNSS Compass

VS330 GNSS Compass