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Hemisphere GNSS offers multiple position and heading receivers with varying levels of accuracy. No matter the application, there is a Vector product that will meet your needs!



Photo Courtesy of ASV Global - V113 in use


Position and Heading Receivers

V104 - 2⁰ Heading, 1m Position (SBAS)

V102 - 0.75⁰ Heading, 50cm Position (SBAS)

V103 & V113 - 0.3⁰ Heading, 30cm Position (SBAS)

V320 - 0.17⁰ Heading, 2cm Position (RTK)

VS330 - 0.01⁰ Heading (@ 10m sep), 2cm Position (RTK)

*Heading values in RMS
**Position values at 95%



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