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Easytrak is an Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) underwater positioning and tracking system centred on a multi-element, single transducer that transmits and receives acoustic signals to dynamic subsea targets from which range, bearing, and depth information can be determined.

As a full system package, Easytrak has been specifically designed to overcome the difficulties of tracking underwater targets such as divers, ROV’s, AUV’s and tow-fish which operate out of sight beneath the water surface. As the name suggests, rapid deployment and ease of operation ensures that even novice users can commence tracking within minutes of set up. The innovative, compact design incorporates an impressive number of features, providing stable and accurate tracking for a variety of subsea tasks.


Key Features

  • - All operational equipment, hardware, and software
  • - Integral pitch, roll, and heading sensors to compensate for vessel movement
  • - GPS receiving software
  • - Robust, lightweight enclosures
  • - Intuitive control software, bringing the confidence of professional USBL systems to a wide operator base



  • - Track multiple targets simultaneously
  • - Track horizontally, enabling the location of floating targets (e.g. AUV retrieval)
  • - Operate in diverse applications with universal appeal
  • - Operate AAE Acoustic Release Beacons (Nexus and Lite)


Four commercial versions of the system are available; the rack-mount, vessel based Nexus and Lite, the compact Alpha, and the Portable and Alpha Portable that have a display screen and keyboard housed in a marine grade splash-proof enclosure. The Nexus is the most recent rack-mount model. In addition to tracking traditional ‘tone-burst’ beacons, Nexus also tracks Spread Spectrum beacons that offer increased performance.





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