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Fathom Systems is an established supplier of products to the Commercial Diving and ROV sectors.  These products include the innovative iVP family of intelligent ROV Toling Control Systems.  Now in their 11th year, Fathom are also the industry’s preferred choice for Diver Monitoring, Digital Diver Communications and Gas Analysis systems and products.


Product Summary

Fathom Systems provide complete turnkey solutions to satisfy complex and demanding requirements in the global commercial diving and specialist intervention tooling sectors.  Delivering high end, top quality products and reliability through technical expertise in mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronics and software engineering, together with unrivalled customer support, Fathom Systems are market leaders and often the preferred industry choice.

Over the last several years, Subsea Technologies has worked closely with Fathom Systems and local customers to provide custom hydraulic control systems for a number of subsea tooling and intervention applications.  The modular design of the iVP product line, combined with Fathom Systems ability to produce application specific GUI software produced solutions that met all project requirements and have since resulted in a number of repeat orders.



Product Information

iVP - intelligent Valve Pack

iPP - itelligent Power Pod

Hydraulic Pressure Compensators

Commercial Dive System Products


Equipment Rentals

Subsea Technologies also offer the following Fathom Systems products for short or long-term rentals:

ROV Control System Products

  • 5-Function iVP torque tool controller
  • 500cc hydraulic pressure compensator