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AML Oceanographic's X•Series instruments can be configured in the field to suit the job at hand and cover all of your CTD, sound velocity, and environmental monitoring needs.

With the X•Series, your CTD can be an SVTP; shallow pressure sensors can be swapped for deep; temperature range can be adjusted as needed. All X•Series instruments allow the user to change instrument sensor-load in-the-field and on demand. The X•Series uses Xchange™ sensor-heads, which are field-swappable, interchangeable, and shareable with all other models of X•Series instruments. Field-swappable sensors also dramatically simplify recalibration.

AML Oceanographic is the only manufacturer of Xchange™ field-swappable sensor-heads and X•Series sensor-swappable instruments in the oceanographic industry.


X•Series Instruments

Base•X - Entry Level Logging Profiler
Base•X₂ - Compact CTD or SVP Profiler
bathyMetrec•X  - Bathymetric 
Metrec•X - Real-Time, Multi-Parameter
Metrec•XL - Multi-Parameter Sonde
Micro•X - Single-Parameter Instrument
Minos•X - Vertical Profiling
MVP•X - Moving Vessel Profiler
Plus•X - Multi-Parameter Vertical Profiler
Smart•X - Real-Time, AUV, ROV, & Glider Applications


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