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UV•Xchange is a subsea module that prevents biofouling during long-term, in-situ deployments. UV•Xchange inhibits marine growth by bathing critical surfaces in ultraviolet (UV) light. Comparative studies show UV•Xchange to be as effective as leading chemical protection methodologies, such as bis(tributylin)oxide (TBT), at eliminating drift due to biofouling in CTDs and multi-parameter instruments. 

UV•Xchange offers significant advantages over existing biofouling control technologies:

• No toxic chemicals. This simplifies deployment and maintenance while eliminating environmental damage.
• No moving parts and hence greater reliability compared to wipers and plungers.
• Protects complex and delicate surfaces, for which wipers are unsuitable.
• Adjustable LED sub-modules ensure effective coverage of all critical surfaces, regardless of geometry.

Like all other members of the Xchange suite of products, UV•Xchange is field-swappable and easily configured to fit the needs of any operation. Installed directly on the end cap of an X•Series instrument, the module can be set to various positions, enabling optimal coverage of any sensors requiring protection. By eliminating biofouling induced drift, UV•Xchange allows sensors to perform to their full potential on in-situ instruments. Install UV•Xchange on an AML instrument for a high performance in-situ CTD. 

UV•Xchange can also protect third party devices: cameras, lights, structures, sensors, etc. Simply install the UV•Xchange module onto a Micro•X instrument, point, and apply power to protect.


Key Benefits:

• Environmentally friendly: Does not use chemicals or reactive coatings.
• Reliable: No moving parts, thus no risk of mechanical failure.
• Effectiveness: Range of up to 10 cm.
• Low maintenance.
• Versatile: Attach to a Micro•X to protect any underwater device, including cameras, lights, non-
AML sensors and instruments, and much more.
• Non-contact: Will not damage sensitive lenses or other fragile objects requiring protection.




Data Sheet


Sep 2014 Marine Technology Reporter Article

Ocean News & Technology Article (external link)


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