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High-Frequency Side Scan Sonar (Shallow Water).

The full-body, three-fin, hydrodynamic design of the StarFish systems challenge the common cylindrical or torpedo-shape of traditional side scan sonars. The unique shape of the StarFish systems dramatically improves the stability of the sonar and consequently the quality of the images it produces. Furthermore, the advanced digital CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse) acoustic techniques used by StarFish systems offer better range resolution compared to conventional, fixed-frequency side scan sonars.

The StarFish 452F sonar has twice the image resolution when compared to the 450F model, and continues to offer the wide range imaging capability of 100m per channel (200m total swathe coverage). The sonar uses a mid-band 450kHz CHIRP transmission to offer the greatest combination of ranging capability and image resolution from a single frequency system. The 452F stystem also has an inline connector to allow the cable to be swapped or replaced on site.




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