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The Gemini NBI produces an acoustic image, cutting through the water with a narrow acoustic beam and at the high refresh rate users can expect from the Gemini range of multibeam sonars.

The Gemini NBI uses a 1° vertical beam instead of the 20° vertical beam found on the 720i. This reduced beam width allows the user to more precisely identify the position of the acoustic targets than is possible with a wide beam imaging sonar which is commonly used for obstacle avoidance operations.

The multibeam transducer design used for the Gemini NBI results in a 130° sector scan width and advanced technology allows update rates as high as 30 scans per second. With wide angle imaging and a high refresh rate the user is able to quickly and effectively manoeuvre to a target in poor visibility conditions.

Depth rated to 4000m and manufactured from titanium the Gemini NBI has been designed to work in the harshest of environments such as those typically found in subsea mining and excavation.


Interface Options

For information on various interface options for this product, please see the Gemini Sonar Interface Units options datasheet.



Data Sheet

Hardware Manual

STEP Files

STEP Files (VDSL Interface Box)



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