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Subsea Technologies adds advanced USBL to its rental pool

Nexus 2 topside

The new NEXUS 2 USBL positioning system is now available for rent in the USA, from Subsea Technologies Inc based in Katy, Texas.

NEXUS 2 is the latest and most sophisticated system in the Applied Acoustics range of subsea USBL systems. Incorporating advanced bi-directional spread spectrum acoustic protocols NEXUS 2 achieves greater, reliable accuracy over an extended operational range. Embedded as standard within each Nexus 2 system are a comprehensive range of additional software features and survey tools such as geo-referenced graphical overlay function and EasyCal 2 calibration tool.

As with all Applied Acoustics systems, the highly advanced positioning and tracking system is quick to deploy with easy set up procedures and can be used with a variety of our positioning beacons, legacy products and transponders from third party manufacturers.


Nexus 2 Screen shot


To find out more about this product and the benefits it can offer, find its technical specification here or please contact Subsea Technologies at 281-398-5600 or