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View and analyze Sidescan data in real time with the industry's most complete seafloor mapping solution.


The industry’s leading seafloor mapping software allows surveyors to:

- Detect small targets via improved across track resolution.

- Identify differences between old and new surveys through the SonarWiz transparency, swipe, or line shift tools.

- Preserve the full fidelity of sonar data across multiple formats.

- Simplify mission execution through the use of a single, easy-to-learn mapping solution.

- Create superior contact reports thanks to improved editing features.

- Easily export data to a variety of formats including PDF, OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, and HTML.

- Optimize time on the water through the use of sophisticated planning tools.

- Reduce costs by leveraging real-time data acquisition to confirm quality and coverage prior to leaving coverage area.

- Generate state of the art mosaics, contact, and waterfall imagery with high resolution 64-bit displays.


SonarWiz is compatible with the following Sonar Hardware:

- C-Max, Kongsberg-GeoAcoustics, EdgeTech, Imagenex, Innomar, Knudsen, Klein Marine Systems, Marine Sonic, PingDSP, R2Sonic, SyQwest, Teledyne Benthos, Teledyne Gavia, Teledyne Hugin, and Teledyne Odom



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