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Explore sediment layers in depth with SonarWiz for Sub-Bottom Profilers with real-time data acquisition and post processing software.



- Bottom track data manually or use automated tools

- Correct sub-bottom data for tide and draft variables using the Datum Align to Bathy Grid feature

- Fix navigation data with NavInjectorPro

- Polish your data with the Heave Compensation Swell Filter

- Organize acoustic reflectors with annotations

- Compare reflectors and generate thickness vectors with the Isopach and Thickness Tool

- Interpret your data with zoom, pan, measurement, and image scaling tools

- Annotate the data using the Core Mapping Tool

- Visualize multiple lines, DTMs, sonar mosaics, xyz amplitude clouds, and digitized features plus analyze intersections in the 3D Viewer


Real-Time Data Acquisition Compatibility:

- EdgeTech 2000 (SS & SBP), 3000, 3200, FSSB

- GeoAcoustics GeoPulse Analog and GeoPulse Plus Digital

- Innomar SB

- Klein 3000 (SS & SBP)

- Knudsen SB

- Odom Echotrac CVM

- SyQwest Hydrobox, Stratabox, Bathy PC, Bathy 2010PC

- Teledyne-Benthos Chirp III, and 1625, Teledyne-Hugin AUV


With an available Analog-to-Digital Interface, SonarWiz is also compatible with Sparkers, Boomers, and Boomer Plates.



Supported Interfaces and File Formats

Data Sheet

Tutorial Videos


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