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These beacons incorporate the next generation of Sigma 2 acoustic protocols that provide precise range resolution and positional stability. The beacons have been designed to be used with the new Nexus 2 positioning system, but also retain compatibility with all Easytrak systems and systems from other manufacturers.


Key Features

- Spread Spectrum Technology

- Directional or omni-directional beam pattern, depending on the application

- Configurable for use as Transponder, Responder, and Pinger

- Industry standard 5-pin connector

- Quick and easy configuration

- On board fast charger

- Telemetry option for confirmation of accurate beacon depth (D suffix)


Model Selection

Model Number Beam Pattern SPL Survival Depth
1115 +/- 45° 194dB 2000m
1115H +/- 30° 196dB 2000m
1119 +/- 90° 188dB 1500m
1122 +/- 20° 202dB 4000m



Compatible with Easytrak Nexus 1 and 2 Spread Spectrum systems, and other wide bandwidth USBL systems worldwide, including legacy support for existing tone burst channels.


Typical Applications

- General purpose tracking and positioning applications

- Diver tracking

- Static and dynamic operations (small ROV, sidescan sonar, etc.)



Mini 1100 Series Data Sheet



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