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Midi Beacons offer all round flexibility in difficult acoustic conditions such as found in deeper water or noisy environments. Though designed for use with Easytrak USBL systems, the beacons retain compatibility with many other USBL tracking systems operating worldwide. Featuring the industry standard 5-pin connector, the beacons are quick and easy to configure using the 1082 Smart Switch.


Key Features

- Spread Spectrum Technology

- Directional or omni-directional beam pattern

- On board fast charger for typical 4 hour charge time

- Optional high power model to operate longer ranges (H suffix)

- Telemetry option for confirmation of accurate beacon depth (D suffix)

- Supplied with transducer protection cage

- Survival depth to 4000m as standard



Model Selection

Model Number Beam Pattern SPL Survival Depth
1035 +/- 45° 200dB 4000m
1035H +/- 45° 203dB 4000m
1039 +/- 90° 191dB 4000m


Typical Applications

- Longer range towfish tracking

- Deeper water ROV and AUV positioning



Midi 1000 Series Data Sheet



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