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Protect your investment with Applied Acoustics’ ten point annual service plan for upgraded Nexus 1 systems, Nexus 2 systems and Nexus Lite systems (with or without EchoPlot Chart Overlay and EasyCal options installed).


What's Included:

  Standard With NexAssist
Software Bug Fixes
Firmware Bug Fixes
Tech Support During Office Hours
Function Adding Software Updates
Function Adding Firmware Updates
Priority Tech Support (out of hours)
Remote Desktop Field Support
Annual Factory Health Check/FAT
Annual Factory Tranceiver Calibration
Discount on Hardware Servicing


Membership for 1st Year:

- Included with System Purchase

Available to purchase after 12 months of membership:

- Additional Annual Membership Fee
- Additional Five Year Membership Fee
- NexAssist Re-Admission Fee


All Nexus 2 Systems have EchoPlot and EasyCal software pre-installed.

All Nexus 1 Consoles can be traded in for a Nexus 2 Console with EchoPlot and EasyCal software preinstalled, compatible with 2682 & 2686 Transceivers.

All Nexus Lite Systems are supplied with AAE’s standard USBL software package. In addition, the following optional software packages are available to purchase:

- EchoPlot Chart Overlay Software
- EasyCal Calibration Software


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