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Plus•X is a logger that allows you to change the instrument’s sensor load, in-the-field and on-demand. With Plus•X, your CTD can become an SVTP; shallow pressure sensors can be swapped for deep; and temperature range can be extended or tightened, as needed. One single logger meets multiple deployment requirements.

Field-swappable sensors also streamline recalibration: instead of sending the entire instrument back to a recalibration centre, calibrated sensor-heads can be sent to the instrument. Changing sensors is easy: simply unscrew one sensor-head and replace it with another.

Plus•X offers high-speed 25Hz sampling, ensuring excellent data resolution. Plus•X also includes a deployment shackle and sensor cage, and can be ordered with up to 10 analog or 5 digital channels, for use with 3rd party sensor.

Storm case for shipping and storing Plus•X is included.


X•Series instruments are compatible with these Xchange™ sensor-heads:

SV•Xchange™ - Sound Velocity
CT•Xchange™ - Conductivity-Temperature
C•Xchange™ - Conductivity
T•Xchange™ - Temperature
P•Xchange™ - Pressure
Tu•Xchange™ - Turbidity

Sensor-heads are ordered separately.



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