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Known for its rugged performance and ease of use, Minos•X can do more than ever before. Traditionally configured for SVPT or CTD, with new CT•Xchange Minos•X is the smallest combined CTD/SVP on the market. Rated to 1000 m in acetal, and 6000 m in titanium.

Half the size of a Plus•X instrument, Minos•X includes a shackle and sensor cage, as well as an LED status indicator to simplify deployment preparation. High speed 25Hz sampling ensures excellent data resolution. Minos•X can be ordered with 2 additional analog channels or 1 additional digital channel, for use with remote sensors, such as dissolved oxygen.

Field-swappable sensors also streamline recalibration: instead of sending the entire instrument back to a recalibration centre, calibrated sensor-heads can be sent to the instrument. Changing sensors is easy: simply unscrew one sensor-head and replace it with another.

Storm case for shipping and storing Minos•X is included.


X•Series instruments are compatible with these Xchange™ sensor-heads:

SV•Xchange™ - Sound Velocity
CT•Xchange™ - Conductivity-Temperature
C•Xchange™ - Conductivity
T•Xchange™ - Temperature
P•Xchange™ - Pressure
Tu•Xchange™ - Turbidity

Sensor-heads are ordered separately.



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