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Micro•X is a real-time, single parameter instrument that allows you to field-swap the instrument’s sensorload. Unlike other X•Series instruments, Micro•X is sensor specific, meaning that sensor type cannot be changed. However, within a given sensor type, range can be swapped, a feature that is particularly useful in depth measurement applications.

Like all other X•Series instruments, Micro•X uses Xchange™ field-swappable sensors. This means that sensor-heads can be shared with other instruments, regardless of instrument size or type. Total flexibility of instrument model, of sensor type, and of sensor range ensure that the right instrument is always available.

Designed for integration applications such as AUV or ROV work, Micro•X with a sound velocity sensor is also effective for sea surface sound velocity applications. UV•Xchange can be used on a Micro•X to prevent biofouling on a variety of third party subsea devices.


This instrument is available in two configurations:

>Compatible with Sound Velocity or Conductivity Xchange™ sensors 
>Compatible with Temperature, Pressure, and Turbidity Xchange™ sensors, and UV•Xchange biofouling control modules


X•Series instruments are compatible with these Xchange™ sensor-heads:

SV•Xchange™ - Sound Velocity
CT•Xchange™ - Conductivity-Temperature
C•Xchange™ - Conductivity
T•Xchange™ - Temperature
P•Xchange™ - Pressure
Tu•Xchange™ - Turbidity

Sensor-heads are ordered separately.



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