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Whether deploying for days or years, versatile Metrec•XL is the optimal multiparameter sonde for environmental monitoring and scientific research. Oceanographic research quality sensors provide environmental data collection in coastal deployments, rivers, lakes, and offshore. Capable of supporting 9 sensors at a time, the swappability of Xchange sensors allow you to configure the focus of your research on an application by application basis.

Ideal for in situ environmental monitoring

Deploy with UV•Xchange, the biofouling control technology proven to expand monitoring timelines, reduce maintenance costs, ensure superior sensor performance.

Metrec•XL's rugged Delrin housing is suitable for long term deployments, as is the copper nickel alloy cage for incidental biofouling protection.




X•Series instruments are compatible with these Xchange™ sensor-heads:

SV•Xchange™ - Sound Velocity
CT•Xchange™ - Conductivity-Temperature
C•Xchange™ - Conductivity
T•Xchange™ - Temperature
P•Xchange™ - Pressure
Tu•Xchange™ - Turbidity

Sensor-heads are ordered separately.



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