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bathyMetrec•X is the only instrument to combine the all key features of a bathymetric system: a low drift, high accuracy 0.01% Paroscientific Digiquartz® pressure sensor; a high accuracy time-of-flight sound velocity sensor, for altimeter correction; and the ability to calculate salinity and density and to apply that calculation to true depth.

bathyMetrec•X offers another critical advantage over competitors: the instrument can be field-configured to suit the application at hand. In addition to the instrument’s internal 0.01% Paroscientific® Digiquartz pressure sensor, the user can connect up to four field-swappable sensor-heads. Available sensor-heads include conductivity, time-of-flight sound velocity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Strain-gauge pressure sensor-heads can also be connected. Sensor-heads can be swapped, in-the-field and on-demand.

bathyMetrec•X offers high-speed 25Hz sampling, ensuring excellent data resolution. External altimeters are also available for integration. Sound velocity, as directly measured by the bathyMetrec•X, is used to compensate the altimeter. Salinity and density are calculated using appropriate equations. Software based look-up tables are provided to ensure density compensation for true depth and position.


X•Series instruments are compatible with these Xchange™ sensor-heads:

SV•Xchange™ - Sound Velocity
CT•Xchange™ - Conductivity-Temperature
C•Xchange™ - Conductivity
T•Xchange™ - Temperature
P•Xchange™ - Pressure
Tu•Xchange™ - Turbidity

Sensor-heads are ordered separately.



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