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Eliminating the need for multiple sensors to accommodate large variation in turbidity, new Tu•Xchange automatically adjusts to the appropriate range while in operation. As a result, high accuracy is achieved over the entire 0-3000 NTU range. For long-term deployments in sediment rich areas, a wiper option is now available.

Tu•Xchange accuracy is quoted as a percentage of reading. A sensor measuring 900 NTU is accurate to +/-18 NTU, while measuring 500 NTU it is accurate to +/- 10 NTU, based on its +/- 2% specification. As the measurement nears 0 NTU the accuracy specification also includes a floor. For example, the same sensor measuring at or below 1 NTU would have an error of +/- 0.2 NTU.

Tu•Xchange is the oceanographic industry's only field-swappable turbidity sensor. Each sensor-head contains embedded electronics where calibration coefficients are stored. Sensor-heads can be moved from instrument to instrument without impacting field accuracy. Together with sensor-heads for conductivity, sound velocity, temperature and pressure, AML Xchange™ sensor-heads can be deployed on any X•Series instrument. With Xchange™, users are able to create the instrument they need for today's application, in-the-field and on-demand. 


Tu•Xchange™ is available in the following ranges:





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