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SeaCast provides an intuitive interface with X•Series instrumentation, offering easy instrument setup, data collection and management, and exporting tools.



- Automated connection and workflow via wireless or cable

- Instrument and sensor details displayed

- Calibration certificates printed on demand

- GPS location via Data•Xchange or manual entry

- Sample By method and Sample Rate method selection
- Automatic or manual data filtering

- Offline access to existing casts for post-processing

- Show live data on multiple graphs concurrently

- Graph editing and annotation for export

- Automated data export functionality

- Simultaneous export to multiple data formats, 

- Hypack
- Quinsy
- Kongsberg
- Sonardyne
- PDS 2000
- CARIS (concatenated)
- Custom 





SeaCast 4 Download

SeaCast 4 User Guide


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