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Achieve Maximum Efficiency with the Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP)

By enabling high speed, deep water underway profiling, the MVP economizes survey operations while enhancing performance.

Increased Convenience, Reduced Cost

Survey duration: By eliminating the requirement of stopping a vessel to perform stationary profiles periodically throughout a survey, vessel time is reduced by hours.

Line spacing: By providing frequent, valid sound velocity profiles, MVP eliminates risk of data loss in the outer beams. Increased line spacing enables survey of a wider area.

Post-processing: Greater accuracy associated with real-time, automated data collection erases the need for examination of every scan.  

Personnel: The automation of data collection removes the requirement for having personnel on deck during operations. Surveys can be conducted beyond standard work hours and in inclement weather, increasing productivity and improving safety.

Works alongside other equipment: The small deck footprint and narrow plane of operation allows the MVP tow body to be safely deployed and operated with other deployed equipment simultaneously.  

Improved Quality 

Real-time data: Accurate knowledge of sound velocity, as a function of depth, at the time of data acquisition efficiently facilitates the removal of discontinuities in multibeam and seismic data caused by sound velocity variations in the water column.

Auto-recovery: Coupling computer-controlled execution with real-time data, the system can be set to terminate casts according to three deployment criteria (depth, distance above seafloor, and length of cable out) and recover the tow body to its original towing position. These options allow the MVP to achieve deeper profiling depths at a given vessel speed than other towed systems.






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