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Data•Xchange brings wireless data transfer and embedded GPS positioning to X•Series profilers. By creating an ad-hoc network between the instrument and a wireless-enabled laptop or PC, Data•Xchange is designed to improve the efficiency of data transfer. 

This external device plugs directly into the standard AML connector on the end cap of X•Series profilers Base•XMinos•X, and Plus•X. Data•Xchange accumulates the profile data during each cast, and establishes WiFi communications immediately upon removal from the water to send the data file to your PC. With new SeaCast 4 software, automatic, simultaneous exports to multiple formats further simplifies the process of data collection. 

Watch how quickly files are transferred post-cast with Data•Xchange:


Significant Features

  • - User-configured automated file transfer while instrument is being recovered
  • - Integrated GPS data
  • - Remote firmware updates
  • - Backwards compatible with all X•Series profilers

Key Benefits

  • - Fewer steps to transfer files from profiler to PC
  • - Faster download speed: up to 40 times faster than with an RS232 connection
  • - Less cycling of connectors prone to wear
  • - More efficient management of files




Data Sheet

User Guide


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