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Cabled UV offers ultimate customization for each unique application. Providing the technology of UV•Xchange in a format that is compatible with almost any device, Cabled UV is biofouling control integrated into the end of a cable, ready to prevent growth on underwater equipment. It is ideal for protecting a broad spectrum of surfaces and devices, such as:

• third party sensors
• camera lenses
• lights
• hydrophones
• sonar heads

Cabled UV features increased flexibility to accommodate the individual requirements of each deployment. The duty cycle can be set via an external power source, the Duty Cycle Controller, or the Duty Cycle Board for OEM applications.




Key Benefits:

• Environmentally friendly: Does not use chemicals or reactive coatings.
• Reliable: No moving parts, thus no risk of mechanical failure.
• Effectiveness: Range of up to 10 cm.
• Low maintenance.
• Versatile: Can be used to protect nearly any underwater device, including cameras, lights, non-
AML sensors and instruments, ADCPs hydrophones,, and much more.
• Non-contact: Will not damage sensitive lenses or other fragile objects requiring protection.




Data Sheet


Sep 2014 Marine Technology Reporter Article

Ocean News & Technology Article (external link)


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