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Subsea Technologies is proud to be a member of GCOOS - who seek to establish a sustained observing system for the Gulf of Mexico to provide observations and products needed by users in this region for the purposes of:

- Detecting and predicting climate variability and consequences
- Preserving and restoring healthy marine ecosystems
- Ensuring human health
- Managing resources
- Facilitating safe and efficient marine transportation
- Enhancing national security, and
- Predicting and mitigating against coastal hazards

GCOOS envisions sharing of data, models, and products via the internet for the common benefit of all participants, including industry, NGOs, academia, and federal, state, regional, and local government agencies. It is understood that this Gulf of Mexico observing system will be integrated with other regional coastal ocean observing systems, in particular to create an integrated and sustained U.S. component of the ocean observing system.


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