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Protection Frame Assembly, Smart•X 4 Pt w/Clamps

This four-point protection frame is specifically designed for Smart•X instruments. Protects instrument and provides ability to add weight when deploying. 

Product Code: DFR-SMX-4PT


Suspension Bar Assembly, Smart•X 1 Pt w/Clamps

Provides method to suspend Smart•X instrument from cable and add weight if required.

Product Code: DFR-SMX-1PT


IE55-1206-SCP Impulse Female Dummy Plug

Dummy plug for BC

Product Code: PLG-H0018


Mounting Bracket for Smart•X

Includes plate, 2 clamps, and hardware. Used to attach 1.8" diameter housing to a flat surface.  

Product Code: MBR-SMX-STD


Shipping & Storage Storm Case, Foam Cut to Order, Mid-sized

Shipping & storage storm case for small to mid-sized instrumentation such as Smart•X and MVP•X. Foam is cut to order. Outer dimensions: 24 x 16 x 10" (inches) 

Product Code: STR-00014




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