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Mounting Clamps for Minos•X

1 pair (2 clamps), includes hardware. Used for attaching 3" diameter housing to a flat surface. (This part is included in most suspension bars and protection frames.) 

Product Code: MBR-MNX-STD



Data•Xchange Shackle Extender - Minos•X

Minos•X Shackle Extender for Data•Xchange

Product Code: TBD



Protection Frame Assembly, Minos•X 4 Pt w/Clamps

This four point protection frame is specifically designed for Minos•X instruments. Protects instrument and provides ability to add weight when deploying.

Product Code: DFR-MNX-4PT




Suspension Bar Assembly, Minos•X, 2 pt w/ flat plate and clamps

Used for mounting additional sensor and provides ability for adding weight for deployment.

Product Code: DFR-MNX-2PT-PL


Spare Minos•X Battery & Charging Kit

Charge Minos•X batteries without the instrument with this kit. Includes spare battery and cable adapter.

Product Code: CSE-0018


Battery Charger, 8.4V

8.4V, NA line plug 

Product Code: EHW-0015


Spare Battery Pack for Minos•X

7.2V 5.3-6.2 Amp hours

Product Code: BAT-H0025


Shipping & Storage Storm Case for Minos•X with 4-point cage or Metrec•X

Outer dimensions: 40 x 17 x 7" (inches)

Product Code: STR-00012 


Shipping & Storage Storm Case for Minos•X

Outer dimensions: 22" x 17" x 8" (inches) 

Product Code: STR-00005




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