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Copper Cage for Metrec•X

Copper (Cu/Ni) Cage for Metrec•X. Includes retaining collar. Upgrade option; ideal for in-situ deployments.

Product Code: CSE-0026



Mounting Clamps for Plus•X & Metrec•X

1 pair (2 clamps), includes hardware. Used to attach 4" housing to a flat surface. (This part is included in most suspension bars and protection frames.)

Product Code: MBR-PLX-STD


Shipping & Storage Storm Case for Minos•X with 4-point cage or Metrec•X

Shipping & Storage Storm Case (with wheels) for Minos•X with 4-point cage or Metrec•X. Outer dimensions: 40 x 17 x 7" (inches)

Product Code: STR-00012



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